(2009) ★★★

Syfy: Saturday 26 September, 9pm

Chris Marquette soon realises it’s not just his office that’s infested with bugs. The whole town’s crawling with them… bugs as big as shopping trolleys. And some of them can fly. TV weather girl Kinsey Packard and survivalist Ray Wise are among the humans helping Marquette face the hybrids in an engaging fun-and-frights mix made in the respectable B-movie tradition of Tremors and Eight Legged Freaks.

“Do me a favour,” says Chris to his girlfriend Brooke Nevin, “if I turn into one of those things and you’re holding a shotgun… don’t hurt me, just run away.” Director Kyle Rankin’s debut feature was the Project Greenlight winner The Battle of Shaker Heights. No surprise, then, that this creature feature is a cut above standard Syfy fare.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 91min

IMDB – Infestation

TMDB – Infestation

Rotten Tomatoes – Infestation

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