(2009) ★★

Five: Sunday 27 September, 1.55pm

The ancient Mayans weren’t around to see the final day of their calendar: 21st December 2012. None of us would be, according to them. Crazy old hippie doomsayer Woody Harrelson thinks they were on to something, and writer John Cusack is inclined to take his word for it when catastrophe strikes all four corners of the globe as the Big Day approaches. If Independence Day was crackpot visionary Roland Emmerich’s version of War of the Worlds, 2012 lifts its cues from When Worlds Collide.

Or Deep Impact for children. The impressive effects might be state of the art but the thinking behind the music, never mind the cheerfully clichéd dialogue, is distinctly old-hat. So the movie about the end of the world ends not with a bang but a wimpy pop ballad. Two of them actually, since the end credits crawl into the day after tomorrow. As luck would have it, Sky Movies Showcase has The Day After Tomorrow tomorrow, at 1.10pm and 9.45pm.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 151min

IMDB – 2012

TMDB – 2012

Rotten Tomatoes – 2012