Just Go With It



Five: PREMIERE Sunday 27 September, 9pm

For contrived reasons too trite to be true, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Adam Sandler requires nurse Jennifer Aniston to pose as his Pretend Wife on a holiday in Hawaii. Sandler’s mark is bikini’d young girlfriend Brooklyn Decker (who really is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and acts like it).

Padded with a cringe-worthy Nicole Kidman cameo and bursting with reams of smutty banter that’s consistently more embarrassing than amusing, this nightmarish Razzie-winning mash-up of Couples Retreat and You Again is reputedly based on Cactus Flower, a long-forgotten Walter Matthau-Goldie Hawn farce. The two-hour running time puts the tin lid on it.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 117min

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