This Is 40


(2012) ★★

Channel 4: PREMIERE Sunday 27 September, 11.10pm

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann return as Knocked Up’s on-the-margins married couple Pete and Debbie, still in a suburban California rut. Two jobs, two cars, two kids. And now they’re turning 40 (38, she says). Writer-director Judd Apatow, optimistically aiming for a freestyling Robert Altman approach, films it pretty much a home movie: Leslie Mann’s his real-life wife, the two girls are his children.

Paul Rudd and his useless sponging dad Albert Brooks fare best in an occasionally funny, fairly unflattering portrait of an averagely awful American family. Rudd’s a secret cupcake eater, Mann sneaks cigs after the school drop. The main problem with This is 40 is that it isn’t The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The good news is that Seth Rogen isn’t in it. Three editors are credited, yet between them they couldn’t whittle it down from two-and-quarter hours.
Certificate: 15

Duration: 134min

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