Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


(2005) ★★

Sky Movies Greats: Monday 28 September, 8pm

Robert Downey Jr as Harry Lockhart, a bungling burglar who stumbles into a New York casting session. Despatched to Hollywood, Harry is chaperoned by studio advisor Val Kilmer, a gay detective called Gay Perry (like the French capital). The odd couple – one preening, the other petulant – are soon working a real case when Harry’s highschool sweetheart Harmony (Michelle Monaghan) mistakes Harry for a real detective.

Bang-bangs to spare in this deliberately confusing crime caper, crashes too, but precious few kisses. The title’s filched from the great American film critic Pauline Kael, who thought the phrase, spotted on an Italian film poster, summed up the gut-level appeal of modern movies. But this head-spinning exercise in post-modernism gives clever-dickery a dodgy name.

The trouble with Harry is that he’s a smart-alec, cracking wise from the off even though he’s clearly a deadbeat. He’s good at the poolside small-talk (“I’m retired – I invented dice as a kid”) but narrates the indecipherable story like a bored maitre d’. Even so, there are some swish touches. The chapter headings are lifted from Raymond Chandler books, the opening titles are delightfully retro, and there’s a smooth jazzy score by The Usual Suspect’s John Ottman. As for Gay Perry’s mobile ringtone, it’s I Will Survive.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 103min

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