guideartworkWhat a show we have for you this week on the SquareEyed Guide! To start off with, host Simon Furnivall and fellow podders Matt Gault and Phil Robinson discuss the news that Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel is, in fact, called Alien: Paradise Lost. Seems a bit confusing with an Alien sequel coming out. What do the panel make of all it?

Following on from that, Simon quizzes Matt & Phil on whether or not they’ve grown tired of the consistent stream of Game of Thrones leaks and spoilers, after the latest big one (which you can find here if you love spoilery content).

But wait, there’s more! What a time it is to be a movie fan as this week sees the release of The Martian and Macbeth, kicking off an exciting period in the next few months in the lead-up to the Oscars. Do the guys think both films stand a chance in Awards season?

Finally, there’s just about time to fit in some berating of Phil, who has suffered a barrage of abuse from our Facebook audience after he selected Spider-Man 2 as the greatest superhero film of all time. He finally gets his chance to reveal why exactly he deems it better than The Dark Knight.

It’s another brilliant show in store so feel free to give us all the feedback in the comments section and over on our Facebook page!