Halloween is that time of the year when all the good little boys and ghouls get rewarded with a night of fancy dress, candy and, our personal favourite, a good old fashioned proper horror movie.

In anticipation of Halloween, our regular horror buff Phil Robinson has been lost deep in the woods, selecting the prime cuts of the best horror films that you should be watching on TV and online this month, with tonight’s frightfest being…

Oculus (2014)

Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror, 10.00pm 

In a genre that loves basing its principles around very strict rules that must, under no circumstances at all, and usually start with the order “Don’t…” you can now add “Don’t look at the creepy mirror” to the ever-growing list.

This lesser-seen treat from last year is one that many may have overlooked,which was a serious shame, because as ghost stories go, it’s a little out there.

Taking on the established traditions of a haunted house story, the movie sees Doctor Who alumni and Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan take on a mirror-inhabiting, reality-shifting entity that killed her mother years before.

With the help of her brother, the two revisit the scene of their greatest childhood fears, and once the initial doubt turns to sheer terror, Oculus will leaves you guessing at every turn.