Oki’s Movie


(2010) ★★★

Film4: PREMIERE Tuesday 6 October, 2.20am

Korean film-maker Lee Sun-kyun (standing in Marcello Mastroianni/Fellini-style for the film’s actual writer-director, Hong Sang-soo) struggles with life in general and women in particular in a bittersweet treatise on the riddles of the human heart and mind.

It’s funny in a deadpan way, closer in querulous tone to Woody Allen than to minor-key Mike Leigh, despite the use of Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance in between the four chapters: A Day for Incantation, King of Kisses, After the Snowstorm, and Oki’s Movie. It might appear aimless but it’s actually sharp as a dart.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 98min

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