Sex Drive


(2008) ★★★

Film4: Wednesday 7 October, 11.35pm

Teenager Josh Zuckerman has serious thongs on his mind. Dishing up donuts at the mall, he’s surrounded by so much sex it hurts. An 18-year-old virgin so desperate to break his duck he goes on a road trip from Chicago to Kentucky on an Internet promise with pals Amanda Crew and Clark Duke… in his big brother’s beloved 69 Pontiac GTO (Illinois plates: NOFATCHX). James Marsden is hilarious as Zuckerman’s obnoxious alpha-male brother and Austin Powers’ boy Seth Green also shows up, amusingly underplaying in an Amish beard.

The three likeable teens are solid, too, in a comedy so unoriginal it might as well be called Ferris Bueller’s Superbad American Pie Road Trip. But the real deal is that it’s funny (certainly funnier than Sex Ed). And it refuses to treat its characters (or the audience) as idiots.

Director Sean Anders blotted his CV by making That’s My Boy for Adam Sandler. His new film is the Will Ferrell comedy Daddy’s Home, which would be fine except that Mark Wahlberg’s in it too.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 105min

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