When it comes to the list of hardest working men in Hollywood, you can’t deny that Matt Damon is up there with the best of them. Whether it was making an impact in the late 90s with films like Good Will HuntingSaving Private Ryan and The Talented Mr Ripley, his big box office smashes with the Ocean’s and Bourne films or this absolutely outstanding recent roles in Interstellar and The Martian, the man is always on top of his game. So, in honour of today being his 45th birthday – happy birthday Matt! – here are all the reason’s SquareEyed love Matt Damon…

Matt Damon birthday

1. He seems like the most humble guy in the world. When recently appearing on The Graham Norton Show Matt talked about his success as an actor and Oscar win for writing Good Will Hunting (at the ridiculously young age of 27 no less) and you can tell he’s a guy who counts his blessings:

2. Hollywood have spent a lot of money saving him. Between the rescue missions in films like Saving Private Ryan, Interstellar and Elysium, Hollywood have spent an absolute shedload of money trying to save him from the most outlandish places over the years. Read the breakdown of these costs here and be glad you don’t have to front the cash to #bringhimhome.

3. That song Sarah Silverman sang. We’ll try to keep this one clean; when comedian Sarah Silverman had to tell American chat show host Jimmy Kimmel that she was, um, seeing someone else, his old rival Matt Damon surfaced to get even after years of the host “not having time” to interview the actor on his show. It was all in good fun though… we think…

4. His bromance with Ben Affleck. There have been a lot of on screen/off screen bromances over the years, but the relationship that Matt has with occasional co-star, friend and fellow Best Writing Oscar winner Ben Affleck just makes us smile every time we see them on screen together.

Ben Affleck Matt DamonBen Affleck Matt Damon Oscar win

5. He literally proved that the pen is mightier than the sword. The Bourne films have some incredible action scenes, this is one of our all time favourites:

…oh yeah, and he taught us we’ve been using magazines wrong for years:

6. He can act the hell out of a scene, even if he’s the only one there. 

Happy birthday Matt Damon, from all at

The Martian is in cinemas now.

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