(1997) ★★★★

TCM: Friday 9 October, 10.50pm

Entomologist Mira Sorvino stuck down New York’s subway system with a crazed strain of killer cockroaches that imitate their prey – humans. Stylish and scary horror thriller from Guillermo del Toro, the Mexican film-maker who can drift between cult vampire shockers such as Cronos and big-budget mayhem like Pacific Rim while being capable of producing work as majesterial as the Spanish fantasies Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage. Here he swathes the streets in rain and the drains in blood.

There’s no stinting on body parts and bug secretions either – Mimic must be one of the gloopiest movies ever made, and there is more than one nod in the direction of John Carpenter’s The Thing. Even so, intense as it is, enough is left to the imagination to make clammy suspense a viable audience response.

Even Scream maestro Wes Craven (RIP) called it ‘truly terrifying’. Del Toro himself was furious at studio interference on his first Hollywood feature: “I remember the worst experience of my life, even above the kidnapping of my father, was shooting Mimic.”

Certificate: 15
Duration: 101min

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