50 First Dates


(2004) ★★★

Sky Movies Comedy: Saturday 10 October, 3.15pm

Aquarium vet Adam Sandler has flings with bronzed beauties holidaying in Honolulu. As soon as they want his phone number, he fobs them off.Any excuse will do: he’s a secret agent, he’s gay, he doesn’t have a phone… When he spies Drew Barrymore making breakfast wigwams out of pancakes, he breaks his own golden rule – and falls for a local girl.

But a knock on the noggin has left Drew with short-term memory loss. She thinks every day is the day before her accident and cannot retain any new information. (Cue Paul McCartney’s Another Day on the soundtrack.) The Wedding Singer couple reunited in a sunshine rom-com that’s so sweet-natured the meanest thing in it is Drew giving away the ending of The Sixth Sense.

And, as doctor Dan Aykroyd tells her,it could be worse… meet ten-second Tom, a guy with the memory span of a goldfish. And, if memory serves, this may well be the last time Sandler even attempted to be tolerable on screen. The Hotel Transylvania cartoons don’t count.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 95min

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