Take Me Home Tonight


(2011) ★★

Channel 4: PREMIERE Saturday 10 October, 1.05am

At an all-night house party in 1988, directionless college drop out
Topher Grace sets his sights on highschool crush Teresa Palmer.
Working at a shopping mall video store (Back to the Future is the big poster on display), Topher pretends to be a customer when prom queen Teresa comes in to browse.

To impress her, he also pretends to be an investment banker (a move as unironic as the Back to the Future poster). Okay, Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer was quite sweet. But were the yuppiefied 80s really that funny? They had Reagan, we had Thatcher. And this one doesn’t even have a Hot Tub Time Machine.

Just another dodgy soundtrack. For a genuinely insightful and amusing look at this time and predicament, look no further than Jesse Eisenberg’s excellent Adventureland. As for That 70s Show star Grace, he doesn’t seem to have progressed an inch since Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! a decade or so ago.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 97min

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