Film4: PREMIERE Sunday 11 October, 9pm

Guided by the spirits of their ancestors, peaceful Mayan villagers are overrun by 16th century marauders. Misery, suffering, shame and degradation is not far behind for Rudy Young blood and Dalia Hernandez.For all its foolishness, 10,000 BC is less heavy handed than this parade of beatings and cruelty.

Pathfinder, too, might have been less authentic but it’s far more exciting. Apocalypto? Not now. Nor anytime soon. “A movie nobody wants to see,” wrote Rex Reed, the sniffy American critic who’s been writing about movies since the 60s,“featuring hundreds of people nobody has ever heard of, speaking alanguage nobody can understand.”

(It’s Yucatec Maya.) Hieronymus Bosch himself would have baulked at putting some of this stuff on canvas.Mel Gibson’s rumble in the jungle – brutal, bloody and boring – could well bring your heart into your mouth. Closely followed by breakfast and lunch. Of course, Mel knows all about man’s capabilities for inflicting pain. He made The Passion of the Christ, didn’t he?


Certificate: 18

Duration: 138min

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