(2001) ★★★

Film4: Sunday 11 October, 5.25pm

When Glen Canyon community college science teachers David Duchovny and Orlando Jones are called to a meteorite site by trainee fireman Seann William Scott they realise they’ve stumbled onto a single-cell alien life form that could transform their lives. “Is the Nobel Prize paidin instalments,” wonders Jones.

“Or is it a lump sum, like the lottery?” But the prize-find turns nasty before their eyes, and in double-quick time too, as the aggressive alien cells transmute into a bewildering variety of predatory creatures running amok through the suburbs and shopping malls of small-town Arizona.

The military solution is firepower, and governor Dan Aykroyd gives the okay for napalm. But it will take methods more unorthodox to stop this aberrant evolutionary clock. The good-natured interplay between laid-back shirker Duchovny and uptight glory-seeker Jones provides plenty of chuckles in this daft but diverting sci-fi comedy.

Director Ivan Reitman was at last back on sprightly Ghost busters form after a series of flabby comedies scripted by the Junior/Twins team of Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel. Different writers, different outlook. And the casting is a big plus. X-Files icon Duchovny brings a clearly identifiable brand of anti-establishment cynicism to his role of disgraced biology professor.

And the amusing Jones makes the throw away dialogue seem sharper than it is: “Snag one? I’ve seen this movie… the black dude dies first.” Endearingly, Julianne Moore makes her government-approved boffin an utter klutz. And as for American Pie man Scott… well, he can always be relied upon to bring down the tone a notch or four.

Certificate: PG

Duration: 98min

IMDB – Evolution

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