Hotel Transylvania


(2012) ★★

ITV2: Sunday 11 October, 4.25pm

Adam Sandler impersonating Bela Lugosi as Dracula, a concerned dad who’s built Hotel Transylvania as a safe haven for his daughter Mavis. She’s turning 118, old enough to drive her own hearse. How can Dracula keep her away from nasty humans? The animation’s slickly chaotic –Sony’s inelegant monster mash is no Monsters, Inc – and the anything-goes script is batty in mostly the wrong ways.

The were wolfcubs are cute but the hotel’s zombie workforce, headed by Mr Ghouligan, are the stuff of nightmares not kiddie pictures. Ultimately, it’s more whoopee cushion than witty cartoon. What did you expect? It’s an Adam Sandler comedy, with nothing much at stake.Except a sequel. Hotel Transylvania 2 – in cinemas now!

Certificate: U

Duration: 92min

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ITV2 Saturday, 17 October at 4:30PM