(2013) ★★★

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Greedy bonehead Michael Chiklis picks the wrong partner to double-cross after a State Fair heist in Columbus, Ohio. Jason Statham’s Parker is a principled criminal – like Frank Martin in the Transporter movies, he adheres to a rigid set of rules. Break your word and he’ll break your neck. Aside from that, he’s a regular Robin Hood.

It’s a role right up Statham’s street and he strolls through it persuasively in a slick thriller from Against All Odds veteran Taylor Hackford, adapting a Richard Stark novel (the film is dedicated to crime author Donald E. Westlake, who died in 2008). It might be no match for Lee Marvin’s Point Blank, but it’s tons more fun than MelGibson’s Payback.

For the dependable Statham, it’s another payday.With interest. Less so, perhaps, for Statham’s under-utilised co-stars Jennifer Lopez and Nick Nolte. Alongside Sean Penn, they were once the main attraction in Oliver Stone’s U Turn back in 1997.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 114min

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