The People vs Larry Flynt


(1996) ★★★

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Woody Harrelson as self-proclaimed smut peddler Larry Flynt, millionaire publisher of Hustler magazine. Taken to court at various times in his career, he claimed bad taste as his crime and free speech as his defense. Milos For man’s fascinating docu-drama is not much interested in the fashions and mores of the 1970s and 80s.

Its focus is the circus-like courtroom debates on the American constitution’s First Amendment and its stance is staunchly liberal. Flynt’s excessive lifestyle and crude public behaviour is viewed without judgment and the film, surprisingly, also works as a tender love story.

Courtney Love is exceptional as Flynt’s dependent young wife and there are some good jokes – confined to a wheelchair after an assassination attempt, Flynt ponders a move to ‘somewhere that tolerates perverts’. The next shot is the Hollywood sign. Incidentally, the shifty looking judge in the Cincinnati courthouse scene is the real Larry Flynt.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 124min

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