The Grey



Film4: Tuesday 13 October, 9.00pm

“You’re going to die, that’s what’s happening…” Liam Neeson among the seven survivors of a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. But who will survive the cold? Ex-cons and drifters, the damned at the edge of the world, unfit for mankind. Hard on himself as usual, Liam believe she belongs among them. The gloomy and glowering Neeson towers above his co-stars, of course, but even so Frank Grillo’s blowhard characteris frankly such a pain that he was bound to make an impression.

He was duly rewarded with the juicy lead role in The Purge: Anarchy. Adapted by Ian Mackenzie Jeffers from his short story Ghost Walker, The Greyis grim stuff. But don’t expect the psychological insight of David Mamet’s The Edge. It’s all brawn and breast-beating as desperate men stare into the abyss. Grainy images, gruff language, growling wolves prowling their home patch.

“I thought wolves were scared of people,”offers Joe Anderson, who gets most of his information from the Discovery Channel. “Not if we’re near their den,” counters Neeson.Which might be true in the real world. But these are animatronic movie wolves, fearless and ferocious, gussied up with CGI. The remarkably restrained music is by Marc Steitenfeld.


Certificate: 15
Duration: 113min

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