(1998) ★★★★

Syfy: Tuesday 13 October, 10.00pm

Financed by the Vatican, James Woods leads a team of vampire slayers sniffing out lairs in New Mexico. Their kill rate is good – until they come up against Thomas Ian Griffith, an apparently unstoppable superhuman vampire master. Extremely gory horror from genre master John Carpenter, less silly than but quite as nasty as From Dusk Till Dawn.

It bears a closer resemblance to George Romero’s zombie pictures, although it stops just short of their bleak outlook. The charismatic Woods has a whale of a time as a Van Helsing for the 1990s, chewing on a cigar and spitting out expletives as he goes about his foul business.

Carpenter can’t resist framing his hero in truly iconographic style and Woods, typically, is almost as scary as his quarry. The music is by Carpenter too, though he didn’t write the script.

Certificate: 18
Duration: 103min

IMDB – Vampires

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