Quantum of Solace


(2008) ★★

ITV1: Friday 16 October, 10.40pm

Casino Royale left Daniel Craig’s James Bond in a funk. He’s not letting on to Judi Dench’s M, but he’s in a hurry for revenge and determined to nail the mysterious network behind the death of agent Vesper Lynd. Quantum, they’re called, though M and Bond don’t know that yet. And Bond keeps killing the men who could provide some answers.

First stop, Haiti (after a hair-raising car chase in the Siena mountains and a rainy-day briefing in London) for dangerous dates with Olga Kurylenko and shady Mathieu A malric. Then on to Bolivia (like Haiti, Bolivia is played by Mexico) for another JB adventure (that’s Jason Bourne, by the way, not James Bond – don’t expect any quips or gadgets, and there’s a minimum of martinis and sex).

It’s snappy, anonymously slick stuff, although the‘new-improved’ main titles sequence is so tatty looking you’d think it was designed for a Man from Uncle knock-off. The song, performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys, is no world-beater either. And the violence is pretty ugly for a ‘12’. No kiss-kiss, all bang-bang in a Bond from the man who made Finding Never land and The Kite Runner.(Surely some mistake?) It took Sam Mendes to get Bond back on track with Skyfall. And now we have the spectre of Spectre.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 106min

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