Yes, that day is finally here; Back to the Future Day. It’s now 21st October 2015, the day Marty McFly headed off in the DeLorean and embarked on an exciting futuristic adventure. It seems weird that the date in the film is no longer the future but, hey, it’s not going to stop us from watching it!

Naturally, ITV2 – who have the distribution privileges for the franchise – are showing all three films starting from 4.30pm. Of course, you’ll have to endure Keith Lemon’s Back T’Future Tribute – which will surely be unspeakably unfunny – before you can reach the climactic third instalment.

Even still, it’s good that they’ve dedicated such a huge chunk of time to Back to the Future Day because, well, it deserves it.

Anyway, here’s a video celebrating all the things BTTF correctly predicted. Prophetic cinema!

Back to the Future: 4.30pm, ITV2

Back to the Future II: 6.50pm, ITV2

Keith Lemon’s Back T’Future Tribute: 9.00pm

Back to the Future III: 10.30pm