Back to the Future is a brilliant science-fiction franchise in its own right, but have you ever heard the theory that connects Robert Zemeckis’ film to Doctor Who?

It’s a theory that sounds absolutely absurd on the surface but it’s resurfaced on the internet now that Doctor Who series 9 is in full swing and Back to the Future Day is finally here (21 October 2015).

Anyway, one of the most popular theories is that Doc Brown is actually the first Time Lord. Confused? Of course you are. Well, it’s been well explained by WhatCulture’s K.J. Stewart. 

“There are a number of theories about why Doc Brown might be the first Time Lord, linking the franchise to Doctor Who, but this one is the most interesting.

At the end of Back To The Future Part III, Doc returns to 1985 in a train that he had converted into a time machine with Clara and their two children in tow. He stated that he had already been to the future, which means he could have been much, much older than he was when he last saw Marty, once again benefitting from the medical and technological advances of the future in order to remain looking the same age.

Could space travel have been the norm in that future? Could he have been to Gallifrey? Could his renewed love of life be based on the fact that he had an extra heart implanted? With his two hearts, could he have travelled to the past and started the genetic evolution of a race of beings with that physiological feature? Could he have been the first Time Lord? This theory says “yes”, as crazy and as outlandish as it may have been.

Interestingly, he also fell in love with a girl named Clara – the name of the recent Doctor’s companion – and has a love for bow ties.”