The Love Guru


(2008) ½

Sky Movies Comedy: Thursday 22 October, 8pm

Is Mike Myers’ notorious flop really the biggest party-pooper since Peter Sellers did his ‘funny Indian’ schtick in The Millionairess and The Party back in the 60s? Yep. Myers blew his Austin Powers cool by playing self-help spiritualist Guru Pitka, summoned from his LA ashram by Jessica Alba to guide the Toronto Maple Leafs to Stanley Cup glory.

This isn’t a movie, it’s a collection of numbskull celebrity skits (Oprah Winfrey is briefly seen on screen, dubbed by a voice double) that wouldn’t make the cut on Saturday Night Live. Limping from one lame gag to another one even worse, it indulges Myers’ passion for the Maple Leafs, bodily fluids and penis jokes.

Sir Ben Kingsley (playing a cross-eyed mystic with uncontrollable wind) should expect a call from the Academy: “Can we have your Gandhi Oscar back, please?” Alongside Paris Hilton’s The Hottie & the Nottie, The Love Guru flop dominated the 2009 Golden Raspberries, scooping Razzies for worst picture, worst actor and worst screenplay. 

Neither Myers nor Hilton collected their awards. The music’s by George S. Clinton, but even George Harrison couldn’t have saved this slop. It’s about as funny as Love in the Time of Cholera. Do we have a minus star rating?

Certificate: 12

Duration: 87min

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