Total Recall


(2012) ★★

Channel 5: Thursday 22 October, 10.00pm

At the end of the 21st century, living space is the planet’s most precious resource. And Colin Farrell is about to be crowded out with bad dreams that come true. Jessica Biel acts nice, Kate Beckinsale is nasty, in a reworking of Arnold Schwarzengger’s spaced-out Martian chronicle that’s earthbound in one ways than one.

And if they wanted to avoid unflattering comparisons to Arnie’s entertaining effort, maybe they should have called it something else. Do Androids Dream of Synthetic Remakes, maybe? Furrow-browed at the best of times, Farrell acts completely confused.

His presence is also a reminder of Minority Report, a far more successful transcription of a Philip K. Dick story. Lit up like a Chinese lantern, this one’s more like a Surrogates also-ran, its grungy cityscapes and high-speed chases as cluttered as anything in The Fifth Element. Compared to Paul Verhoeven’s wild and crazy version, it’s simply focus-grouped studio product.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 118min

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