Episode 1

The police arrive at the hospital and leave Diane and Victoria stunned when they hint that they’ve got the wrong person. But if it’s wasn’t Aaron then who was it?

ITV, 7.00pm

Meanwhile, Ross returns to the village but he’s none too pleased to see Andy and Pete looking friendly.

Ashley is horrified by what his father has asked of him and calls Sandy a selfish old git. Well, I suppose it’s best to get things out in the open early… When Harriet find out about Sandy’s request she is shocked. Can she convince Ashley to try and get him to change his mind?

Meanwhile, Paddy is rattled when he receives a phone call.

Episode 2

In celebration of emmerdale’s 43rd birthday we are treated to a rewind episode to reveal what happened on the night that Robert was shot. So who did it? Look’s like we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out!

ITV, 8.00pm