Coronation Street: Alya tells Gary about her one-night stand


Next week is going to be intense in Coronation Street, especially for one relationship in particular. Rachel gets us up to speed with the latest!


Hi, I’m Rachel McLaughlin for with a look at what’s coming up this week on Corrie.

Things are just going from bad to worse for Tyrone. He’s trying to do what’s right for his family, but he really needs to get his priorities in order. He’s in dire financial straits, is taking risks with his job at the garage, yet he’s off buying expensive dolls for Hope. When Hope takes ill, he dashes to the hospital in a panic and parks illegally at the door. Thankfully, the towing company give him a break and waive the 300 pound fee, so hopefully this is a reality check he needs.

The guilt becomes all too much for Alya this week as her Christmas wedding plans get underway. Her one-night stand with Jason becomes too big a secret to handle, and she decides to tell Gary the truth. Expect lots of tears from this exchange! Alya refuses to reveal that Jason was involved, so Gary is left on high alert and suspects everyone around him, even Aidan.

Ken will be looking to mend his lonely heart this week, and begins to see Audrey as more than a friend. He is keen to spend more time with her, but Audrey worries what people will think. The pair are still sensitive about losing Deirdre, but we can’t help but feel that they both deserve to be happy, whether that’s together or not.

Join me next time for more drama from the Cobbles.