Spring Breakers



Film4: PREMIERE Saturday 24 October, 10.55pm

Four broke girls – Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and  Rachel Korine – tool up to steal money for their Florida school  vacation. In Day-Glo bikinis. “Just act like you’re in a movie or  somethin’!” Local gangsta Alien (James Franco, shameless in cornrows  and silver-grill teeth) pays their bail, in return for certain  favours.

Involving guns and drugs. And guns. Big guns. Deliberately  down and dirty caper from Harmony ‘Kid’ Korine, embracing a neon-trash  aesthetic for a work of narrow cultural focus. Girls Gone Wild Where  the Boys Are! With guns! (Did I mention the guns?) Not for the first  time, a Harmony film promotes discord.

If any Americans want an  inkling of why their diverse nation is not universally admired around  the globe, they could do worse than take a look at this dim-bulb  picture. (The Bling Ring, too, come to that.) Incidental, I realise,  but all the acting’s as awful as the Planet Stoopid script.

“Seems  like a dream,” repeats Franco over and over because, you know,  otherwise the audience wouldn’t get the deep message. As a cultural  artefact, this is pretty much worthless. Even so, in all seriousness  Franco publicly declared Korine’s film – and his part in it – as being  superior to Taxi Driver.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 94min

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