The Fourth Kind



Channel 4: Sunday 25 October, 1.05am (BST)

Well, it could so easily have been the oven-ready Extinction or Miss  March getting an official basting, but their ‘first play’ status keeps  them out of the sin bin for the time being, No such reprieve for poor  Milla Jovovich, who deserves better than being miscast as a  psychologist investigating a spate of alien abductions in Nome,  Alaska.

This is based on real events, it insistently claims up front,  thus blowing any chance of being reasonably gripping. With director  Olatunde Osunsanmi appearing on screen and Milla herself breaking the  ‘fourth wall’ to tell us that what we’re going to see is ‘true’ and  ‘extremely disturbing’, it’s no wonder that at all times it’s closer  in kind to Alien Autopsy than to any kind of Close Encounter. The  resulting fiasco is hysterical sci-fi hokum of the absolutely worst  kind – shrill and unscary.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 94min

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