(2010) ★★

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A stolen princess is hidden in a tower by a wicked old hag. With Meet the Robinsons, it seemed Disney was learning from Pixar’s genius for colourful cartoon invention, and Pixar’s John Lasseter is on board as executive producer.

But Tangled – Disney’s 50th animated feature – takes baby-steps backwards. At times, it’s almost Barbie-ish. The title’s uninspired, too. With a slew of forgettable Alan Menken songs, more Broadway musical than cutting-edge animation, and that chameleon sidekick isn’t as cute as writer Dan Fogelman imagines.

There are far more laughs in Disney’s 2011 short, Tangled Ever After. Blasé hero Zachary Levi narrates here in a tone of weary cynicism (“Whoa-oh, Blondie – I don’t do back-story”) while Mandy Moore’s heroine Rapunzel is positioned as a kind of X-Gal, her lustrous locks a superpower equivalent to Mr Fantastic’s elastic limbs. Even the big action set-piece is lifted wholesale from The Mask of Zorro.

Certificate: U
Duration: 100min

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