Aliens in the Attic


(2009) ★★★

E4: Saturday 31 October, 3.30pm

Teenager Carter Jenkins unimpressed by the family’s fishing holiday at Creek Landing in Michigan – until a quartet of ugly little critters shows up. “We come from upstairs,” they claim. They’re aliens from the planet Zirkon, Gremlin-sized jokers offering eternal enslavement or instant death.

It’s up to the kids to save the planet, with paintball guns, garden rakes and fireworks. Filmed in New Zealand, it’s not quite in the Joe Dante league, perhaps, but it’s good fun, especially when Ashley Tisdale’s alien zombie boyfriend Robert Hoffman is around.

The Halloween rundown for youngsters continues with Sky Movies Comedy’s double bill of Joe Dante’s Gremlins hits at 6pm and 8pm, while Comedy Central has Ghostbusters at 6pm and Ghostbusters II on Sunday at 5pm. No razor blades in apples here – these are the treats for the little ’uns.

Certificate: PG

Duration: 86min

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E4 Saturday, 7 November at 12:00PM