Coronation Street: Alya faces the music


Rachel gets us up to speed with all the latest gossip from Coronation Street!


Hi, I’m Rachel McLaughlin for Let’s head over to the cobbles to see what’s coming up this week!

Alya will continue to face the music in the fallout from her confession to Gary. On Monday night, Alya will worry when she realises Gary never came home from a night out. When Anna comes to the factory to confront Alya, she admits the wedding is off after she slept with Jason behind Gary’s back. Following that, Zeedan lies in wait for Jason at the builders’ yard, clearly angry. Zeedan suggests it’s Jason’s fault that Alya had sex with him, but when Jason is quick to point out it was what Alya wanted, Zeedan sees red and punches Jason. The drama just keeps getting bigger with these guys!

Meanwhile, Kylie remains cold towards David even though he assures her that he’s not proud of what they did to Callum. However, he insists they had no choice but she is still bothered. Also, Eva is upset over finding out about Jason and Alya, so she suggests to Kylie they they should go drinking. After finding out about their night out, David is worried that Kylie will spill the beans to her best friend and have their dark secret revealed. As the booze flows, Eva presses Kylie for details of her marital troubles and Kylie’s tongue starts to loosen as more cocktails are consumed. But how much is she set to reveal to her close friend – and could Eva really be trusted to keep such a massive bombshell to herself? It’s all set to kick off next week on the cobbles so make sure you join me again next week for even more!