EastEnders: Shabnam makes a shocking discovery


Rachel tells us what we’ve got to look forward to next week on EastEnders. There’s certainly plenty of drama to look forward to!


Hi, I’m Rachel McLaughlin for SquareEyed.tv. It’s time for your taster of what’s coming up on EastEnders.

Walford is braced for huge drama this week as Shabnam makes a shocking discovery about Stacey. Stacey keeps Martin in the dark over her baby by hiding the photo of her scan, but Shabnam becomes suspicious of her behaviour. Shabnam confronts Stacey after finding the photo, but she doesn’t react well. The two make amends before Shabnam’s wedding to Kush, but when Shabnam shares her wedding speech with Stacey, it all becomes too much for her and she has to leave. When Shabs follows Stacey back to her house, she realises that Stacey’s baby may not be Martin’s after all. It’s set to be a huge week for these four with a lot of secrets being revealed, make sure you catch the dramatic scenes over the course of the week.

Elsewhere, Kim is going to be heartbroken following her split from husband Vincent next week. Kim ended their on-off relationship after she found out he was cheating with Ronnie, but she will now come to struggle with life without him. With everyone in Walford attending Kush and Shabnam’s wedding, Kim starts to break down and has to be comforted by Denise. Will she stay strong without Vincent or crumble under the pressure and go back to him?

Finally, Whitney is going to be feel rejected by her boyfriend Lee Carter as he spends an increasing amount of time away from her. Whitney has been supporting him through his battle with depression but she will be left to pick up the pieces when Lee breaks down over his role in Stacey’s Halloween accident.

There’s so much to look forward to this coming week on EastEnders, but remember to join me again for more gossip from Albert Square.