Emmerdale: David and Leyla find Jai lying lifeless in a graveyard


This week on your Emmerdale SquareEyed Soapbox, Alyson has all the latest gossip and spoilers from the dales.


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv with a roundup of everything you’ve got to look forward to next week in the Dales.

David and Leyla fear the worst when they find Jai lying lifeless in the graveyard. He is rushed to hospital and soon the rest of his family arrive. Everyone is shocked when Nikhil arrives but it’s not long before the atmosphere turns frosty when he tells them that Rishi wants him to take over. Let’s just say, Priya and Jai are not best pleased. Later in the week the pair of them get together and Jai vows to take over the business again when he is better. Something tells me that will be easier said than done!

Elsewhere, Cain warns Debbie that Nikhil is back in town but it’s only a matter of time before a row kicks off. In the Woolpack, Nikhil starts hurling insults at Debbie but when Ross arrives he punches him square in the face. Of course he does! Did we really expect anything different from him? All we’re saying is that Nikhil had better watch his back, given Ross’s track record!

In other news, Poor Chas can’t seem to catch a break! She is accidentally locked in the cellar by Emma. At the same time a fireworks display takes place so no one can hear her cries. Chas panics and tries to rush up the stair but trips and ends up lying unconscious on the floor. With a gas canister leaking, is her life in danger?

Finally, at the fireworks display, Paddy gets a bit of a shock when Tess turns up. Will he be able to cover up what he’s done?

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