Hollyoaks: Theresa strips down for photoshoot


Things are getting steamy in the world of Theresa this week on your Hollyoaks SquareEyed Soapbox. Check out all the latest gossip and spoilers with Alyson!


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv. Let’s head over to Hollyoaks for a taster of what’s to come next week!

Nancy’s concern over Charlie’s behaviour grows and she decides that their best move is to make an appointment with a child psychiatrist. Hopefully this will help shed some light on his current behaviour. Well, at least it might have had Darren not forgotten to take him when

Nancy went to Patrick’s tribute concert. Let’s just say she isn’t happy! Speaking of Patrick’s tribute concert, it all goes a bit pear-shaped when Alfie’s pet lizard Jub-Jub makes a guest appearance!

Meanwhile, Alfie is upset when he thinks that his family have forgotten his adoption anniversary. He decides to try and impress Nico with some fireworks but ends up setting the whole crate alight by accident. Luckily, Jason was close by!

Joe and Mercedes are looking pretty cosy together but will it last?

Elsewhere, it was all getting rather hot and steamy between Theresa and Zack. The pair share a hot kiss and it’s not long before they’re lying half-naked on the floor of The Tugboat. What they didn’t bargain for, was Lisa catching them in the act. Awkward or what?!

Lisa is heartbroken and when Theresa pushes her too far she takes matters into her own hands and sends a picture of her viral. Initially, Theresa is horrified but when someone comments on the photo and offers her a paid shoot, she’s more than happy to don her bikini and get in front of the camera. Is everything as it seems though?

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