Miss March



Channel 4: PREMIERE Satueday 31 October, 1am

Zach Cregger wakes from a four-year coma to find girlfriend Raquel  Alessi is now a Playboy Bunny. Oafish pal Trevor Moore’s big idea is  to get them into the Playboy mansion for its big anniversary bash. The  House Bunny (Channel 5, Sunday at 12.05am) was coy, corny,  internittently funny.

This is crude, coarse and even less amusing. And  there’s Hugh Hefner again, acting creepy in his purple pyjamas and red  silk dressing gown. Even real film-makers would struggle to make sense  of this material, but these two idiots – Moore and Cregger – directed  it themselves. They wrote it, too.

No beginning to their talents,  clearly. The psycho fireman and the hip hop video stuff is okay. The  rest is rubbish, and quite possibly toxic. The UK distributors added a  schoolboy smirk of their own, retitling it Miss March: Generation  Penetration. The bad news is that it’s ranked only No.12 in  Metacritic’s worst-reviewed movies of all time list, alongside Paris  Hilton’s The Hottie and the Nottie.

(Battlefield Earth and Baby  Geniuses 2: Superbabies are among the films deemed even worse, which  is arguably fair enough.) The good news is that Miss March’s  disastrous box office returns helped shut down Fox Atomic just two  years after its launch as Fox’s low-budget features brand aimed at  teens.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 94min

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