The Little Vampire


(2000) ★★★

ITV2: Saturday 31 October, 3.25pm

A little treat for Halloween. American youngster Jonathan Lipnicki is given a hard time at a Scottish village school – his dad is designing a Highlands golf course – until he’s befriended by vampire boy Rollo Weeks. Together they search for an ancient amulet that will lift the vampire curse from Rollo’s family. But first they must evade the clutches of dedicated vampire hunter Jim Carter and his infernal contraptions.

A beautiful rural setting for a barmy children’s adventure, an Anglo-German production played for laughs. Lipnicki, the delightful child star of Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little, keeps the cutes at bay with his wide-eyed enthusiasm for all things vampiric, and pulls some wonderful faces when attempting to frighten his babysitter with his cardboard teeth.

The herd of vampire cows is pretty impressive too, though the script – by a pair of writers who worked on Chicken Run and The Addams Family – is at pains to make light of dark forces.

Certificate: U

Duration: 92min

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