You’re Next


(2013) ★★★

Film4: PREMIERE Saturday 31 October, 11.30pm

Sharni Vinson meets boyfriend A.J. Bowen’s parents and siblings at a wedding anniversary dinner party that turns into a bloodbath. “We’re all gonna die!” screams daddy’s girl Amy Seimetz as masked killers attack the isolated mansion. But we know something about Bowen’s Aussie girlfriend that he doesn’t – raised on a survivalist compound in the Outback, she’s tough as teak.

The standard Purge home-invasion premise stepped-up and given a savage axe twist in a vivid chiller that piles on the tragi-comic pain. As rancid family get-togethers go, it’s a lot more fun than Dogme 95’s dysfunctional Festen. Shown at the Toronto and Austin film festivals in 2011 (and again at Austin’s SXSW in 2013), You’re Next is copyright 2013 on screen, which suggests a spot of post-festival tweaking.

It reunites director Adam Wingard and his writing-producing partner Simon Barrett with the principal cast from their serial-killer film A Horrible Way to Die. Wingard and Barrett also worked on the found footage horror anthologies V/H/S and V/H/S 2. They’re naughhty boys with a twisted sense of humour. That cd repeating on Larry Fessenden’s hi-fi is the Dwight Twilley Band song, Looking for the Magic.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 91min

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