Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen


(2004) ★★★★

Sky Movies Disney: Monday 2 November, 6.25pm

It could be the title of disgraced tween-queen Lindsay Lohan’s life story. But before she made headlines for all the wrong reasons, Lindsay played New York teenager Lola Cep, mortified at the prospect of her parents’ move to suburban New Jersey.

A rock’n’roll subplot involving ‘British’ band Sidarthur doesn’t hold up, but the highschool stuff is funny. Very Annie Mary director Sarah Sugarman wittily captures the weird intensity of adolescent feelings. Lohan’s Lola has a mind as cluttered and a turn of phrase as colourful as her bedroom’s boutique décor.

The grown-ups barely get a look in, although Sheila McCarthy does express bemusement at her new neighbour’s refusal to use microwaves: “I’ve never heard of anyone taking a stance on an appliance before.” It’s a Disney picture, so it all ends happily. Except for poor Lindsay, bad news in yesterday’s papers.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 89min

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