Fans of the hugely popular HBO series Game of Thrones know Iceland’s Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson simply as “The Mountain,” while UFC fans are more than slightly acquainted with notorious Irish fighter Conor McGregor.

The Mountain, the hulking strongman competitor wrenched the hearts of fans when he crushed Oberyn Martell’s skull with his bare hands back in season four in one of the most horrifying and exhilarating Thrones scenes ever.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor actually punches people in the face for a living, and up to this point, the 18-2 interim featherweight champ has been impressive, but was he a match for the sheer mass of Bjornsson?

McGregor is 5-foot-9 and fights at 145 pounds; Bjornsson is 6-foot-9, 420 pounds. But thanks to the entertainment gods (and the Internet), somehow Conor McGregor and Björnsson recently found themselves in a sparring session together. And the results are just as amazing as you’d imagine.

Watch the spar below: