Sunday 1 November

The Hunt

BBC One, 9.00pm

David Attenborough is back in this new wildlife series examining the challenges predators face as they stalk their prey, and revealing how it is far more common for hunts to end in failure. The first episode demonstrates how leopards use stealth and concealment to get close to their prey, while African wild dogs have to work as a team. The programme also features footage of killer whales, which rely on their intelligence, Nile crocodiles that can wait years between meals, spiders able to spin 25 foot webs and amur falcons, which travel 16,000 miles every year to hunt insects. Attenborough and nature is always an unbeatable combination so this will surely serve as some perfect Sunday evening entertainment. The trailer gives us goosebumps.

Downton Abbey

ITV, 9.00pm

In the penultimate episode of the much-loved ITV period drama, the Crawleys watch Henry compete in a motor racing event, an occasion that leaves Mary reeling. Violet hatches a plan which surprises the family and delights Miss Denker, and learns more about Amelia’s intentions in befriending Isobel. Molesley and Daisy rise to the challenges of examination day, Andy’s secret is brought to light, Thomas feels isolated, and Mrs Patmore and Mrs Hughes teach Carson a lesson.

Knights of Classic Drama at the BBC

BBC Four, 9.00pm

The first of two programmes showcasing archive footage of some of Britain’s most acclaimed acting legends appearing in BBC drama at early stages of their careers. The first programme features Michael Caine in a rare Shakespearean role, Ben Kingsley, Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi and Michael Gambon, as well as behind the scenes footage of famous series including War and Peace, the Mayor of Casterbridge and the Singing Detective. Narrated by David Tennant.