Carrie hung up her CIA hat just two years ago, so how on earth has she forgotten how to adopt a disguise – the most basic spy skill of all? We were left with many questions after this week’s episode of Homeland. The most trivial being why Carrie would choose the worst wig in the world as her disguise before embarking on a life on the run.

Quinn knows all about the art deception, as he proved during his reunion with Carrie. There were no pleasantries exchanged between the old friends when Carrie awoke in Quinn’s lair. He got straight to business and smeared Carrie’s face with blood, made her play dead and took a photo for his album of morbid achievements. Would that be enough to strike Carrie’s name off the CIA hit list?

It should have been so simple, but Carrie refused to disappear. She had to find out who posted her name into Quinn’s assignment box, so she donned an unconvincing choppy wig and went out in public to stalk the post office.

As usual, Carrie’s rash actions led to someone getting hurt. This time, Quinn fell victim to the disaster that always follows when Carrie doesn’t do as she’s told. We found out that Quinn has joined Carrie on the hit list of the unknown rogue CIA agent when he was gunned down in a thrilling shootout. Carrie risked her cover to save Quinn, but at least she had the sense to snatch the hitman’s phone.

The Berlin hacking duo could do with a little common sense too, as we saw Korzenik foolishly attempting a deal with the Russians. Some of his famous last words were “I’m not stupid”, before gangsters disposed of him and got hold of the hacked CIA documents.


We think everyone should take notes from Berlin CIA chief Allison Carr on how to master a disguise and set up a good deal. She posed as the director of a medical centre in Switzerland as she and Saul launched an operation to snag General Youssef, their candidate to replace Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. We now know that Allison is hiding beneath many facades. But what is her real agenda? It seemed as though she was to blame when the mission went up in flames, and we were shattered by another revelation as General Youssef’s plane exploded into smithereens.

Carrie frantically tended to Quinn’s wound, but took a moment to investigate the hitman’s phone. She finally got the answer she needed when she redialled the only other number in the device. As Allison answers the call, we realised that we had been underestimating her all along. But what is her overall goal? What’s her plan for the seizure of Syria? And why does she so desperately need Carrie out of the picture? If only we had the espionage skills to find out…

Rachel McLaughlin