Side Effects


(2013) ★★★★

Channel 4: PREMIERE Tuesday 3 November, 9pm

After a despairing suicide attempt, sad young wife Rooney Mara is prescribed a cocktail of anti-depressants by sympathetic New York psychiatrist Jude Law. Consultation with a colleague prompts Law to settle on a new cure-all called Ablixa.

The unexpected side effects include sleepwalking, with lethal results. Mara commits murder, but can she be held accountable for her actions? Having got the erratic Haywire and Magic Mike out of his system, Steven Soderbergh returned to the tightly-wound territory of Traffic and Contagion, fashioning a serpentine thriller of playfully emotional tone.

Someone like Brian De Palma might have made it a whole heap crazier but Soderbergh’s cool approach and Jude Law’s well-grounded performance help to make the pay-off all the more satisfying.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 102min

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