The Grim Sleeper



Lifetime: PREMIERE Thursday 5 November, 10pm

Dreama Walker as Christine Pelisek, a fact-checker with the LA Weekly who’s pushing hard to be a reporter. When she sees a coroner’s office list of unsolved body dumps in LA’s South Central area dating back to 1987, Pelisek can almost smell the Pulitzer. And because the unknown serial killer took a 13-year break, she dubs him the ‘Grim Sleeper’.

The police aren’t impressed. Co-writer Teena Booth’s previous ‘true-life’ TV movie scripts include Sex and Lies in Sin City, and Pregnancy Pact. This is worse. A reprehensible Lifetime movie trivialising a true-life crime case by turning it into a celebration of journalistic ambition and tabloid sensationalism. The police are simply patronised.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 89min

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