(2012) ★★★★

BBC2: PREMIERE Sunday 8 November, 9pm

Thirty years hence, crime syndicates use black market time travel to take out the trash. It’s where old hit men go to die – Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s target is his older self, Bruce Willis. Calmly discussing their predicament over a cup of coffee, Willis and Gordon-Levitt (distractingly altered to look more Brucely) proceed to chase their own tails in ever decreasing circles.

Loopier than a sackful of Twelve Monkeys, Rian Johnson’s stylish sci-fi thriller is a curiously affecting mixture of telekinetic mayhem and The Terminator. After the prissy Brick and Brothers Bloom, the precocious young film-maker was overdue aiming closer to the bullseye.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 114min

IMDB – Looper

TMDB – Looper

Rotten Tomatoes – Looper

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BBC2 Northern Ireland Sunday, 8 November at 9:30PM
BBC2 Wales Sunday, 8 November at 9:45PM