Coronation Street: Liz and Tony caught snogging


Rachel gets us up to speed with all the latest spoilers in next week’s Coronation Street SquareEyed Soapbox.


Hi, I’m Rachel McLaughlin for, here with your latest scoop from the cobbles.

It looks like Ken’s romance with newcomer Nessa is going to cause a real stir among the residents. Next week, we’re going to see Ken grow rather fond of Nessa, leaving Audrey devastated because she has feelings for him too. But Audrey isn’t the only disapproving resident, as Tracy is horrified when she comes home to find Ken and Nessa getting cosy. Tracy flies off the handle and accuses Ken of having no respect for his dead wife Deirdre. Later, Tracy confronts Nessa and says she is not welcome in her home. Is Ken going to stand up to his stepdaughter and follow his heart,  or is his new romance doomed already?

Elsewhere, Tracy’s horrified to discover that Tony emptied their joint business account. Tony proudly reveals to Liz how he took the money and they share a kiss, just as Michelle and Tracy burst in and catch them in the act. Michelle is having none of it when Liz explains how she thinks Tony’s changed. But Liz does put her foot down and tell Tony he has to win her family round if their relationship is to work. And the only way to do that is to give back Steve’s share of the Rovers. Surely Tony won’t agree to this!?

Finally, Kylie will be holding her breath with fear when Gail throws a party to show off her annexe. Shes convinced that people will smell Callum’s body beneath the carpet, and when David confronts her about the paranoia, Gail overhears them. David has to throw his mum off the scent and tells her that Kylie is back on drugs. But will the couple be able to cope with even more lies? Join me next week for more gossip!