EastEnders: Lee lashes out at Buster


Rachel gets us up to speed with all the latest gossip in this week’s EastEnders SquareEyed Soapbox.


Hi, I’m Rachel McLaughlin for SquareEyed.tv and we’re set for a huge week over on Albert Square!

Yes, it’s all set to kick off in Walford when Lee Carter loses his temper after discovering a huge family secret. We know Lee has been struggling to cope with his depression and when he turns alcohol to solve his problems, it looks as though he’s going to lash out at Buster. Lee finds out that his dad Mick has been meeting Shirley behind Linda’s back and he angrily confronts Shirley. Buster is forced to step in but soon finds himself on the receiving end of Lee’s fist. Will the incident force Lee to change his erratic ways, or will this be the start of another downward spiral?

Things aren’t much better for Ronnie though after she finds out that Roxy and Dean are engaged. As Roxy and a very smug Dean happily celebrate , a desperate Ronnie turns to her family to get them to intervene. Despite their disapproval, Roxy goes ahead and pushes forward with her engagement party. Both Roxy and Dean are shocked when Ronnie arrives and apologises for her behaviour, but her true intentions soon become clear. With Roxy back on her side, Ronnie takes matters into her own hands and attempts to show Roxy what Dean is really like. But will her plan work or is this all going to play into the hands of dangerous Dean?

Finally, it looks like Kim is ready to give her volatile relationship with Vincent another go. The couple have been apart recently, but this week Kim will decide to let Vincent back into her life and be a father to Pearl again. However, there’s a certain shock in store for Kim after she spends the night with him. Will it force her into yet ANOTHER re-think? Join me next week for the fallout!