Emmerdale: Robert and Andy stare death in the face


Alyson gets you up to speed with all the drama that’s coming up next week in Emmerdale.


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv with a roundup of everything you’ve got to look forward to next week in the Dales.

Aaron’s day in court arrives and everyone is wondering whether or not he actually did it. Poor Chas’s nerves are shot (pardon the pun) as she worries that her son could be going to prison for a very long time. Aaron pleads ‘Not Guilty’ but is refused bail. Cue Robert making a scene by shouting at him to ‘tell the truth’. That’s pretty rich coming from him, don’t you think?!

Guess who’s back? Nicola! Two weeks early too! Only things don’t exactly go to plan when Jimmy realises that he’s got no furniture for their house. Not to mention that they’ve moved out of Mill Cottage and he think didn’t tell her. Not one to take things lightly, Nicola scales the scaffolding and breaks into her old house. Goodness only knows how Jimmy is going to handle this situation!

Elsewhere, Robert confronts Andy over the shooting. Robert is determined to call the police and takes off in his car. Andy follows him in hot pursuit and soon a stand-off ensues. The brothers stare death in the face as they drive towards each other at full speed. Robert swerves but Andy ploughs his Landrover straight into a wall. Will they survive?

Finally, Megan’s big secret is out. Will she tell Jai and the family or will she do a runner from the village?

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