Hollyoaks: Robbie masquerades as Jason


This week on your Hollyoaks SquareEyed Soapbox, Alyson has all the latest gossip and spoilers from Chester.


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv. Let’s head over to Hollyoaks for a taster of what’s to come next week!

The Gloved Hand killer saga continues next week as they manipulate Charlie into telling Nancy that he saw Trevor kill Dr S’Avage. Although later in the week, Grace takes Charlie to the flat in an attempt to get some answers. Little does she know that the Gloved Hand is right behind her…sounds ominous!

The police raid Cindy’s flat and take Dr S’Avage’s laptop which just happens to contain a certain video of Robbie confessing his love for Holly. In a desperate attempt to get the laptop back, Robbie puts on Jason’s police uniform and signs out the laptop under his name. That boy really would do anything for Holly! But it looks like he’s about to get himself into a rather sticky situation when Jason finds him with the laptop. Will he put two and two together?

Ste confides in John Paul about his low CD4 count. John Paul tells him that if he really wants a relationship with Harry that he should tell him the truth. Will he though?

Elsewhere, It’s party time for Harry as he celebrates his 18th birthday at The Loft. With Tony intent on watching Ste and Harry’s every move, will the party go to plan?

Tune in next week for more gossip.