Song for Marion



BBC2: PREMIERE Saturday 7 November, 9.45pm

Grumpy old man Terence Stamp coaxed into joining his dying wife’s community centre choir by inanely upbeat young music teacher Gemma Arterton: “The OAPz,” she regales the group, “with a z to make it street.”

And then they sing Let’s Talk About Sex. A bewildering change of pace from London to Brighton director Paul Andrew Williams, ladling syrup over lazily contrived stereotypes in a blandly manipulative soap that’s not so much a headscratcher as a thumbsucker.

Old people are so sweet and funny, aren’t they? And clearly they don’t know much – the beaming Miss Arterton helpfully explains arcane terms such as ‘flyboy’ and ‘soundcheck’. So don’t expect any of Quartet’s old soul music. This is piped muzak. It ain’t young at heart. It’s soft in the head.

Certificate: PG

Duration: 89min

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